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How to become a Member


Our Provisional membership is composed of women, 21 and older, who wish to become Active Members of the Junior Service League. As a Provisional (or new member) you will be required to complete attendance, service, and financial requirements before graduating to Active Member status.

The requirements for Provisional Membership presently include: payment of dues ($100 annual, $25 application fee), attend a provisional educational class, participate in League fundraisers, perform a minimum 20 hours of volunteer service annually, attend at least five general meetings and one League Board meeting.


Our Active Members are those who have completed the requirements for Provisional membership. Active members must attend five general meetings, participate in League fundraisers, and perform a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer service annually.


To achieve Sustaining status a member must have completed a total of six (6) years of membership. (One year as a Provisional and five years Active membership.) Sustaining members shall have all the privileges of Active membership except that they may not hold office or vote individually. A Sustainer Representative will sit on the Executive Board as the voting member for the Sustainer group.


If you are interested in becoming a member of Junior Service League of Greater New Port Richey, you are welcome to attend our August New Member Mixer. If you wish to join after August, please reach out to or message our Facebook page and we will provide you further instructions.